Connecting. nd5 XS 2 to integrated amp

I recently bought the ND5 XS2 streamer. I have a meridian g51 integrated amplifier. the DIN connectors on the amp are marked for meridian components only so I used rca connectors instead. can I use the DIN connectors anyway and would there be any advantage?

On the Meridian G51 the pair of DINs are for comms between Meridian items. They aren’t suitable for connecting up for audio signals. You should use the RCA Phono inputs.

However, there are still advantages to using the DIN output on the ND5XS2 even into the RCA Phono input of a pre-amp. You’ll just need the appropriate Naim DIN5 - 2 x RCA Phono interconnect.

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thanks. the meridian doesn’t have a built-in phono stage. I have a separate one connected to an ‘auxiliary’ RCA input, and the naim is connected to one marked ‘VCR,’ but I suspect they are all the same . there system works very well. what would using the NAIm DIN output do?

All else being equal, it should sound just a little bit better when using the DIN output one the ND5XS2. It’s why Naim still prefer DIN over RCA Phono (you can read a bit about some of the reasoning why in the FAQ here).

I can certainly vouch for the uplift using the Naim RCA-DIN cable. I switched to that to connect my Rega Aria phono stage to the SN3 replacing Audioquest Red River RCA cables and the sound was noticeably better despite the Naim cable costing less than the Audioquest.

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