Connecting New Classic Nac 332 to Classic NAP 300 DR

Has anyone looked into connecting a NAC 332 preamplifier to a NAP 300 DR? I could be mistaken, but my guess is that special cabling would be required because according to product specifications, the 300DR and 332 seem to have different impedances for the XLR inputs.

My 300DR is still under warranty and it feeds Linn Klimax 350P speakers ( which have powered bass units) so I have no interest in upgrading my amplifier.


Naim make such cables, to correctly interconnect between Classic and NC and visa versa.

There is quite a range of these - Naim have published a list of them, which is on here … somewhere…?

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Here is is…

I assume the 222 and 333 are similar, so you should find Cable 6 (which is a pair of cables) will do what you want.


DMS says 332 not 333 as you say Ian

Does that change the cable requirement you mention ?

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Well, the Naim table only covers 200 series to Classic or visa versa. So… I am not going to guess…

@Richard.Dane - ??

I would guess cable 6 should suffice here.


Correct Cable 6 is the right pair.


Good morning everyone. But if you wanted to use a non-naim cable to connect the 332 to the 300, would that be possible? Would a pair of regular XLRs be fine? I read about a user who used a pair of Chord signatureX arays to make this connection. Those are normal xlr cables…

No - I believe the NAP300 and 500 use non standard XLR cables; wired differently.

I’m sure Chord would make a pair up for you - at a price…

one user used these. I’m pretty sure why we talked about it.

The NAP300 XLRs are single ended, not balanced, also the XLR ends are handed and wired differently for each channel. Off the peg cables will not work here.

Thanks Richard :pray:

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