Connecting Roon Nucleus to Uniti Core

Roon has lost connection to my Uniti Core. The Uniti Core serves as a cd ripper and NAS on my network.
I have a Roon Nucleus,Uniti Core and BT Hub router connected by ethernet cable.I use Roon to stream music from Tidal and the Uniti Core to a Squeezebox Transporter,3 Squeezebox Touches and an Elac Discovery wireless speaker.
Does anyone know the procedure to allow Roon access to the ripped cds on the Uniti Core ?

I know nothing about Roon, but if a UnitiCore starts behaving differently from usual then you need to do a power off restart of the UnitiCore, not just turning it off and on by the front panel button. That usually fixes it in my experience.

Try reading the following.

This is how I connected my Naim Uniti Core to Roon Nucleus. :blush:

Thanks NoNaim,
I’ve just found this in my spam emails.
I’ll give this a go.

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If you get stuck, I will tell you what I entered.

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