Connecting Sennheiser amp to 552

Hi folks, I want to connect a Sennheiser hdva600 to my 552. I have a din to race cable but can’t seem to get it to work.

Anyone help with an idiots guide?


Look at the little picture on the back of the 552 and see which pin is which. Undo the din plug and see which is connected. It’s 99% certain that it’s the input rather than output pins. Time for the soldering iron…

As HH explains above you’ll need a DIN-RCA interconnect with the REC pins connected, beaczue you’re taking signal from the Record out pins on the DIN rather than from a source.

Pretty sure I have the right cable as have used it before with a nac 72 to a thirty party headphone amp albeit that was over a decade ago!

What input do I need to use?


You’ll need to use an input that also has an output (Input 4, 5 or 6) and also make sure that input is enabled and ensure that AV unity gain is not switched on for that input.

The lower buttons select the source you wish to put through the REC OUT. Make sure that the record circuits are not muted.

Thanks folks, got it! It was enabling those pesky inputs!


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