Connecting SN2 to NAP250DR

I am just about to get a second hand NAP250DR. Until I can find a suitable NAC282, I wish to use the pre-amp section of my Supernait 2 to feed the NAP250DR.

What cable do I need to connect an SN2 to a NAP250DR? Which socket on the back of the SN2 do I plug the cable into?

And is this the exact same cable I’d use to connect my future NAC282 to the NAP250DR?

Thanks for your advice guys.

You need a Hicap ps for this combination to work.

The 250 needs a separate ps. The 250 connects to the hicap and the hicap connects to the sn2.

More expense!

Sorry if that is not what you wanted to hear.

Could you not just use the SN2 as is and then connect the 250 via the bi-amp out socket ?

Not true. I used the identical combo as the poster. No problem.


Apologies - I’ve learnt something today.

If you eventually get a 282 then you will need a Hicap though.

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A Nap 250 does not need a Hicap as someone said.
Its the preamp section which use hicap.

You can biamp but this require two pair of speaker cable plus biwire terminals on speakers.

And what cable is required, plus which socket as in the original post?

All you do is connect the wire that comes with the 250 to the SN2’s biamp socket. Simple as that.

Obviously you then connect the speakers to the 250. I’m anticipating the next question…

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No you don’t need two pair of speakers to achieve what the OP want to do. Connect to the biamp connectors on SN2 and connect speakers to the 250DR leaving the SN2 speaker connectors empty. Done.

Nobody reads manuals these days …

I’m sorry if I caused any confusion
(However you can biamp with SN2/Nap 250 if you wish so.)

Thanks for advice received so far!

I should have mentioned I already have a HiCap plugged into the SN2 preamp stage, so this can be retained for use with a NAC282 when I get one.

The input socket on the rear ofthe NAP250DR is a 3pin XLR type one. So presumably the cable needed has a 4pin DIN at one end (240 degree?) to go in the SN2 “biamp out socket” and 3-pin XLR at the other end? Is that right?

And when I replace the SN2 with a NAC282, will the same cable plug into the NAC282?

The reason I am checking on the cable situation is that the guy selling me a used NAP250DR is not including a connection cable, so I will have to buy my own!

I see. The 250 really should come with the cable. You can simply buy a Naim stereo Din to XLR. As you have the Hicap it’s a case of putting the SN2 into preamp mode, as per the manual, and then connecting the din to XLR to Hicap socket 3. With a 282 you still connect to the Hicap.

I’d suggest you read and understand the manuals, which set all this out very clearly.

Available from naim, make sure to specify 4 pin din.
Price list Feb 2020

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