Connecting Steinberg UR12 to SuperUniti via RCA cables

I’ve got a Steinberg UR12 Audio Interface which I’d like to connect to my SuperUniti. The UR12 has a pair of what it describes as “Line Output jacks - For connecting monitor speakers. Use RCA connectors(unbalanced) to connect to these jacks.”

As far as I can tell I can use a stereo pair of decent RCA leads to connect to the analogue inputs of the SuperUniti, but is there anything I need to be aware of?

No looks fine to me , line output from strienberg to line in on the su.

Thanks Robert, that’s good to know :smile:

I’ve got this all connected up successfully, and it’s sounding good. I now have three volume controls though: the output signal knob on the UR12, the Windows 10 volume control and the SuperUniti volume control. Are there any conventions about the best way to set the first two of these? I’ll aim to keep the SU volume in my normal range.

I’d go with windows 10 max, then balance the UR12 volume with another input source into the superuniti.

Thanks, that worked perfectly.

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