Connecting Streamer with Combination of MoCA (coax) and Ethernet


I have moved into a new home and will need to set up a new network. Internet service comes into a room (and floor) different than where my streamer resides. My plan would be to create a mesh network with a combination of Synology routers (RT2600ac and MR2200ac). The internet connection comes into the RT2600ac and is distributed to mesh routers (MR2200ac units), each of which is located on a different floor and each of which has an Ethernet port. My streamer would connect to one of the mesh units via ethernet cable. If wifi connection between units is inadequate, I would do backhaul via MoCA (coax). There will be no other traffic on network (i.e., no cable tv, etc.)

Any thoughts regarding feasibility and sound quality? Thanks in advance.

Hi, I have no experience of MoCA. Any reason why you would choose this instead of regular Ethernet?

The current Naim streamers have decent 802.11ac WiFi, so you might find they work fine when fed from a decent mesh wireless network. If not, as you say there is the option to wire them, so I guess just suck it and see.

If your network hardware is all the same brand, that probably helps. Quite a few people seem to run into problems because they inadvertently set them up with two DHCP servers or other config. issues, so hopefully keeping it all Synology will make it easier.

The reason for MoCa rather than ethernet is that coaxial cable is already installed in the house, with jacks on all levels, whereas ethernet would require a new installation.

The router and mesh unit would all be Synology units and are designed to work together.

Look like you’re good to go then. I guess it might be worth trying WiFi without the wired backhaul just in case the MoCA converters are electrically noisy.


I have an Orbi mesh system. I use the Orbi AP to ethernet connect various bits of kit including a just purchased Unitiserve. All streams well up to the 24bit 192 size ( that’s the hw limit not the Orbi).

I don’t see why a similar mesh system shouldn’t work.

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