Connecting Subwoofer via RCA causes speaker hum

I have a rel sub that I just got today, hooked it up and even before turning it on the speakers are humming. If I remove sub power cable from outlet, speaker hum goes away. Is it a problem with the subwoofer? or ground loop hum? Do I need to make a small cable that connects rear din to rear ground socket of sn3?

Thank you

There is a trick with the Rel (i use the s510) to get rid of the hum. When i first got mine i hooked it up as rel specified and i thought there was no hum. However…when i put my ears on the speaker there was in fact a very small hum not hearable from the listening position. It bothered me. I cut the ground wire on the baseline blue, used electrical tape to attach some old speaker cable to the cut ground, and grounded it at the phono on the preamp. No more hum at all even with ear right on the speaker.

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