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I want to connect my Samsung TV to Naim Olive. After research I got the followowing opportunity: Use the Toslink connection (digital audio out) to a Audio Converter (Cabel Toslink to Cinch) to NAC 52 (Cabel Cinch to 5 pol DIN). In additon AC power from the Audio Converter to HDMI:

Does anybody of you know if this works and/or do you have a proven solution for this?

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Using a DAC is a good idea, as it usually allows you to connect the TV to the DAC via TOSLINK optical, which isolates the Naim system from the floating earth potential of the TV, as well as potentially improving on the sound of the TV signal at the same time.

Which DAC are you proposing to use here?

@Richard.Dane I’m assuming it’s one of those generic DACs based on the toslink to cinch comment.

Which will work, though not necessarily sound great.

Ah OK, well, still might be fine if not looking for top line performance.

It will definitely be better than the TV sound at least.

I have been using a tiny (2inch sq) dac from CYP. Toslink in, rca out to nac52. Works a treat. Sound is way better than the TV, but not top notch.

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Hi Alexander,

I recently connected my NAC82 to my LG smart TV by using a cheap DAC bought from Amazon! I used the toslink output from the TV into the DAC and then an analogue cable to the VCR input. Sounds much better than through the TV speakers.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


I used one of these when I had my 82 worked very well for what it cost.

My dealer tried using a dac from my LG TV which had an intermittent odd noise. He later found out with another customer with the same LG TV that it wasn’t the dac but a problem with the TV. He used the headphone out from my TV into the Nac 252 which sounds very good except that the volume is at a higher level but not a problem for me I just have to turn the volume level down a notch or two.

Up until the *6 generation or so the digital out on LGs was pretty finicky. That improved afterwards.

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