Connecting two nSUBs

Hi all,

I have got two nSUBs now as I decided to dual sub my system now I have a full 500 setup, but I don’t get the manual!

I thought I would just connect speaker cable to the speaker cables at the back of my speakers e.g. one to the left speaker with the sun about 1m behind and one to the right speaker with that sub one metre behind that speaker. Very straightforward and aesthetically pleasing.

But the manual says something about the NAP500 which I don’t get (in bold and capitals). I will attach a picture of the speaker connectors on my nSUB and a screenshot of the manual.

Could someone walk me through connecting it, if possible without jargon! Can I say but quality speaker cable, say 2x1m and spade them to the back of my speakers and then input to one of the red and black speaker inputs on the nSUB??



You need some sort of special cable, because of the bridged design of the 500. Don’t just use ordinary speaker cables. You should ask your dealer, or Naim directly.

Alternatively, you can take a low level signal from the 552PS. In this case the cable needs to be slugged with a 100R resistor, to avoid upsetting the 552PS.

Naim offered their own slugged DIN4 - 2 x RCA Phono sub lead in either 5m or 10m lengths. I’m not sure whether they are still available, but worth finding out.

Your aesthetic preference for locating the sub and the position it works well rather than destroying the sound of your system are usually very different. I would recommend that you keep an open mind on this, or be prepared for disappointment. The guidance on positioning in the manual is a good starting point.

Regarding connecting two subs, you have the option of daisy chaining them using the output of one sub into the next one as a possible alternative to connecting each to a speaker. I would suggest that you talk to Naim support regarding a cable specific to the 500. A low level connection from the preamp is another possibility.

Brilliant, thanks all. Incidentally, I went to my nearest retailer yesterday - who I won’t name - and I got a blank unhelpful answer saying they just supplied Naim lifestyle items and had no idea what I was talking about, so I walked away more flummoxed.

(You’re going to think I was a simpleton, but I thought they could do me say 2x 1m Super Lumina with a spade connection on one end and banana on the other, with a special resistor installed in-store - which is still my understanding!)

I emailed another Naim dealer near me and I await their reply.



You don’t need expensive cable like this for subwoofer connection to a speaker; chord Leyline is perfectly fine.

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The resistor is what’s recommended on an interconnect if you use a low level connection, and only then if, as is usually the case, it needs to be long. It’s not required on speaker cable.
Naim’s recommendation is to use very thin speaker cable as it has no effect on sound quality when connecting a the sub to a loudspeaker rather than a power amp.

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Brilliant, thanks - I’m going to cycle to that (same) Naim retailer after 11 today and get the Chord Leyline (v. cheap compared to Super Lumina) from them as their store provides that.

I hope they can fit spades one end and banana the other end…


PS Once I’m fully set up with two nSUBs I will update the forum my thoughts on adding 2 subs to a full 500 setup, I am not sure how many Naim users do this?

You can just use bellwire if you want. Anything will do. I would suggest that you buy more than you think you’ll need, to allow you to experiment with positioning, then you can cut it down once you have chosen the optimum position.

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Hi Chris,

You’re right! Things looking aesthetically nice isn’t always the best with sound. I bought 2x 2.5 m lengths of Chord Leyline with bananas and spades, the extra cable length based on your advice. (I was originally thinking 2 x 1m.)

The subs are fantastic additions, I thought the equidistant placement behind the speakers would bring the best spread of bass as my room is almost a square 4.9m x 5.5m, but because one side is curtain the other wall, I’ve to move one sub midway by by hifi rack.

Although I do wonder, does its placement now harm the sound due to vibrations? (A lot of folk say listen and see, but I’m a strong believer in the illusion of sound greatly influenced by placebos of some sort. For instance, now there’s nothing behind my speakers visually, the sound stage visually has space and the illusion is all the more striking!)

What do you reckon? Anyone?


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Hi Jon, how are you getting on with your nSubs?
I have sometimes pondered on adding a second one.

Regarding your placebo comments, I think sometimes effects aren’t so much placebo as visual cues tricking the mind. Or perhaps this is the same thing?

When I have the sub between the speakers the “ghost” centre channel illusion of a vocal, for example, seems to be no longer “hanging in the air” but, rather, coming from the sub itself!
This is true with higher frequency female vocals, for example. I don’t only mean deeper, low frequency vocals which could, indeed, actually be coming from the sub! (Just a clarification).
So this appears, to me, to be an ear/brain illusion induced by a visual cue.
These things are strange, aren’t they!?