Connecting Unitiserve

I’d be grateful for any help anyone can give with my installation.

After finally getting a useable internet connection and giving it a few days to “settle in” as BT advised, I’ve then tried to install my newly purchased NAC 272/NAP 250 DR along with my UnitiServe.

An ethernet cable from my Smart Hub 2 connects to a Netgear router in my music room, which I guess acts as a switch. Further ethernet cables are connected from the Netgear router to the 272 and Unitiserve. I can get the radio to work just fine - and it sounds great, by the way - but the Unitiserve does not show up anywhere. It’s not recognised in the Naim app or n-serve app.

The Unitiserve worked trouble free in my previous system of Unitiqute and NAP100. However, due to a house build it has been boxed and stored for two years. It was correctly shut down at the time and boxed in the original box and was moved only by me so there could be no damage by others.

It switches on fine but after that nothing. It appears nowhere.

Have I made an error in the installation? I’m at a loss as to what to do next.

In the Unitiserve manual it does say however, “if your UnitiServe has been previously used, it’s network configuration may have been altered, leaving it unable to connect automatically. Refer to the Reference Manual or contact your retailer if this appears to be the case”.

How do I change its configuration - and where do I change it if its not showing up anywhere?

Any ideas?

Firstly is the Netgear device a router or a switch? If it’s a router then you need a switch.

Try moving the US next to BT hub and wire direct if only to prove its working

As Guinnless says above, you must only have one router. Routers give out the IP addresses and if two are trying to do it you will get in a pickle. Connect everything to the BT. You will know if you have previously fixed the IP address of the Serve: if you have you should unfix it. If everything works when both the 272 and Serve are connected to the BT hub you can add a switch for the hifi stuff.

If the Netgear “router” is a GS105, then it’s a switch and it should work fine.

But my bet is that your US has been fixed for your old IP range and the BT one is different. The US needs to be changed so it’s DHCP.



Many thanks to everyone.

I’ve disconnected the Netgear (which is a D3600) and moved the US close to the Smart Hub2 and hey presto it works!

I have the 272 connected to the SH2 via a built in ethernet cable from the room where my router is to my music room - a distance of around 10 metres. The US is now next to my router.

As there is only one built in ethernet cable between the two rooms, do I now need to get a switch so all components are together and connected to it? I thought the Netgear would do the job but obviously not.

So what is the switch and where do I get one? Sorry for my ignorance but all this is fairly new to me!

Thanks again for the great (and immediate) response from everyone.

The D3600 is not a switch as you have found out.
Switches can be bought from consumer electronics stores in your location & the vast numbers of www.stores. Its not really a question of were to get one, but what one do you want, 5 ports, 8 ports (or more) & what is the budget. Prices range from sub £20 (I’m assuming you are in UK) to well over £100 up to silly money.
Readers will recommend all manner of favourites, Netgear, TP Link, Cisco, just search the forum to see.

You run a cable from the router to the switch and then connect things to the switch.

One tried and tested switch is the Netgear GS105. It looks like this:

A lot of people use a secondhand Cisco 2960 8TC-L. It should improve the sound over the Netgear and can be found for under £50 on eBay. Get the one with the internal power supply if you go this route.

HH recommendation of the Netgear ProSafe GS105 is a good one, I had one for a few years. I replaced (moved it elsewhere) it with a Cisco SG110D, it too is a small form un-managed package like the GS105 & it should sound the same, but it proved slightly better. It has a non-metallic case & does not have screen shrouded ports, but as I’ve become a fan of unscreened cables, thats all good.

Decided to go with the Netgear GS105 for now. I figured that with the 272/250 DR being new the sound quality will improve anyway over time as these “bed in”.
Any comparison between switches would be better done after this has happened as it may be difficult to say whether any improvement/changes are down to the switches or the 272/250.
Many thanks for the suggestions.

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