Connecting UnitiStar to Synology 218j

I hope someone is able to help me. I‘m just trying to connect my new UnitiStar to my NAS Synology 218j.
UnitiStar does not find my NAS to Rip my CD‘s on it. It‘s possible that the NAS is recognized as Mediaserver. Does someone have the same problem or a solution for it??

Hi, your Synology NAS needs to run UPnP server software. This is what scans your music files and is discovered by the streamer.
There is a basic mediaserver on the Synology, or you can instal Minimserver, which you can find in the Synology Package Centre. It’s a better server, but takes a bit of head scratching to set up. An easier server to set up and use is Asset, although it’s not free.

If that all sounds like far too much hassle, copy everything to a USB drive and connect that directly to the Star. You will still find the music in the Server input.

thank your for your quick support. I‘ve already installed the server so far. The only thing which does not work is ripping my cd‘s directly to the NAS. The UnitiStar does not recognize the NAS to rip?? Before ripping the Naim wants to format my NAS, but then I think also the operating system will get lost?

The star isn’t designed to rip to a NAS, just to local storage connected by USB.

From the Spec Sheet
“Create bit-perfect copies of your CDs, store them on the local storage and play back.”
“Store up to 20,000 tracks to a local USB connected storage device and serve to a network-connected player.”

Can you use a PC to read the contents of a USB memory stick that’s plugged into the UnitiStar?

As Xanthe says, you have to save the rips to local storage attached to the Star USB ports. To add them to a NAS, you would need to attach the USB drive to it and transfer the rips.
The Star will then find the rips from local USB storage using its built in server, or from the NAS using its Mediaserver.

Interestingly I remember when I bought my Star 2 years ago there was an option in the app menu called ‘map network share’ although I never managed to map anything. There was also possibility to map on windows PC the Hdd attached to Star’s USB port. I used to use this to copy my ripped music from Star to my PC by just copy/paste. These options seems to be removed and now the only option is to rip the cd to the local hdd or usb memory then remove it and insert it to the PC USB port in order to copy.

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