Connecting wireless headphones to uniti star

I’m looking to connect the Sony WH 1000 xm4 wireless headphones to the uniti Star. They come with a wire connection but is it easy to connect wirelessly?

Hi @MarkCH,

as far as I know the bluetooth function of the Uniti line only works as an input. So it is only possible to stream music from tablet, phone, computer, etc. to the Star, but unfortunately it is not possible to connect Bluetooth speakers or a headphone like the XM4s to it and enjoy music played on the Star on your headphones.

You would need to connect a Bluetooth transmitter to the Star in order to use wireless headphones. Can’t say I’ve ever tried it, but such things do exist.

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Doesn’t the Star have built in Bluetooth AptX? Current specs show it should.

Yes, it supports AptX HD but still, it’s a Bluetooth input, not an output.

Ah, I assumed that the Bluetooth of the Uniti Star was an output, for headphones, etc.
Still, it saves me having to buy some wireless headphones.

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