Connection between Nac 282 - Supercap - Nap 300 DR

should I connect the 300 to the 282 via supercap, I can’t be sure where I should connect the xlr cables on the supercap, output 3 and 4 or output 4 or 5? if I had the 252 I would be sure of the connection on inputs 4 and 5, is it the same with the 282 too, or should I use 3 and 4? I say this because I read to connect the xlr cables as close as possible to the inputs used (it’s written on the back of the supercap), however I can’t find a manual with the precise connections between 282 supercap and 300 dr, I’m confused

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Use Supercap sockets 3 and 4. You power the 282 from sockets 1 and 2, so 3 and 4 are closest.

This may be?


Thank you. I think and I hope is correct :blush: but I also need the correspondences from 300 to supercap.

You will still need a NAPSC.

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If i am correct you only have to make sure that you watch the markings on the 300.

Yes, but ch2 to output 3 and ch1 to output 4? Or the contrary?

It doesn’t matter which way around they are at the Supercap end. Just ensure you have the DIN4 to XLR cable with the green band connected to Ch1 on the 300, with the red band cable to Ch2 as per the wiring diagram @Chielhierpuntnl has posted above.


And before you ask, the reason it doesn’t matter at the Supercap end is because outputs 3, 4 and 5 are all stereo outputs and exactly the same. The din to XLR leads are wired so that the green banded lead only carries the left signal, and the red bands lead only carries the right signal. Just remember red and right. If you connect them the wrong way round you’ll get no sound.

Correct. All Supercap outputs are equal - and in stereo…!!

Same on a HiCap, too… :slightly_smiling_face:

All the DIN4 sockets carry a stereo signal.

Its the DIN4-XLR leads that pick of the required signal. A 250 lead will take both Left & Right. Each of the 300 leads will pick off either Left or Right, not both.

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Perfect, thank you !!!