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Hi everyone
kindly I wanted to get some help from you.
I have the cd5xs, with the stageline phono stage.
may i know how to connect both appliances on a flatcap xs.
I apologize for my awful English.
thank you all

They should connect to |“Power Our A” and “Power Out B” respectively with SNAIC 5s. Then connect “signal out” A and B to your amp. Unfortunately, the manufacturers instructions aren’t very helpful:

Power outs A and B are identical on the FCXS.

FCXS comes with a Snaic 5. Stageline comes with a Snaic 5.

Switch everything off.

Remove black plastic paddle plug from the rear of CD5XS (and put it in the empty CD5XS box).

Connect Snaic 5 from one of the power outputs on FCXS to now exposed ‘upgrade’ socket on CD5XS.

Connect Snaic 5 from the Stageline to the other power output on the FCXS. Looking at your FCXS from behind, use the 4 pin end of a Naim 4-5pin DIN interconnect from the 4 pin socket immediately to the right of the power out to take the signal to an unused 5 pin socket on your Naim preamp or integrated amp.

Check you have done all this.

Switch everything on including your CD5XS.

Open a cold beer (optional).


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