Connection NDS to 555PS

Connection NDS to 555PS, in one manual I could use my S-XPS cable from output 1 to input 1 and buy Burndy 555A from output 2 to input 2,

in other manual (italian) I need 555D from output 1 to input 1

555D and X-XPS are the same cable? what is the correct connection, or the best connection?

You need a pair of NDS Burndy cables, as shown in the Italian picture. You don’t use the S-XPS. If you are selling an XPS, the S-XPS cable should be included with it.

thank you, I already have a 555 ps with cds3 connected via s-xps, I’m thinking about nds but I need of 1000€ of cable, so I will go in NDX2 direction :slight_smile:

The cables were an option with the NDS, so look of for one that comes with the cables. I’ve seen them for £2,000 including cables.

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My £1800 (€2100) NDS came with the two correct Burndys. I wouldn’t buy an NDS without Burndys. Some chancers try to sell them on eBay separately. If stuff was included when new then it should be included used.


thank you Paul, I bought ndx2, is difficult to find nds with burndy cable in Italy, I’m very happy with ndx2