Connection Niagara 3000

Dear all,

I assume that more people are using the NIAGARA 3000.
I do have a question for advice on how I should connect my naim equipment with it.
I have a totall of 7 powercords which must be connected.
The NAP250DR will be connected to the first connection. But what should come in the other power connection nr 2, the first two are high current connections. Hicap dr from the nac or beter just a napsc for example.
I need to connect cd, flatcap napsc hicap hicap dr, TP XPS and the 250DR.
Who has some done some testing. What were the findings.
I will try other options at the end but that is not easy because the audioquest will be placed in a cabinet.

@Willard should help you. A quick search shows that. ( look in the search part and tap Niagara)

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Thanks! I already did some searching myself.
Now I started by user Mr Willard and yes there is was.
Many thanks.

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Today I installed my AQ NIAGARA 3000.

  1. Nap250dr
  2. Flatcap for stageline
  3. TP XPS
  4. HCDR for 282
  5. NAPSC
  6. CD5X
  7. HC for cd5x
    Turntable from the wall socket (Did not listen to it yet)

First impression is more bass I think I like that.
At first it seemed to many but it looked like it is getting more controlled. In case of the cd source its sounds oke and maybe better.
In case of the NDX it sounds like the music is more stuck at the speakers. It does not roll out.
Also I have to turn up the volume much more.
Are my findings above because of the break in process?
At this point I and a friend of my are not complete convinced that every things sounds better than before. He also told me that voices for sounded a little bit less up front.

Try the 250 dr direct into the wall , then with all the ps into the Niagara vs in non filtered powerblock.

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