Connection of SN2 To DAC V1

Just a bit of advice please, using the dac V1 purely with a cd transport, what is the best way to connect the V1 with the SN2. Which Naim lead?. I can’t see a mention in the SN manual.

Hi Charles, used this very combo for many years, initially with the Naim Lavender DIN 4-5, here is the product number: 00-010-0094.

You have 2 options;
Note the din output on the dac v1 is via 4 pin, so regardless of input choice, it’s always the same 4 to 5 pin din cable mentioned already.

  1. using fixed volume output, with supernait preamp; 4 to 5 pin din into any line input. So this is dac v1 preamp followed by supernait preamp.

  2. with variable volume output ie using the dac v1 volume control; 4 to 5 pin din into the supernait av input, with av bypass switched “on”. Thus using the dac v1 preamp only and not using the supernait preamp.

You cannot avoid using the dac v1 preamp; it’s either fixed or variable, but not bypassed in fixed mode, just the volume control is disabled (unless you connect headphones).