Connection problems HDMI ARC UNITI ATOM

Hello to the community, I apologize in advance for my not perfect English … I have problems connecting with HDMI ARC output of my UNITI ATOM on Samsung FRAME TV. I cross-checked and it seems I can no longer use the remote control of the TV to directly control the amp. It worked 9months out of 12. Thanks if you can help me

ANDREA da Sud Italy

Has anything changed in firmware on the Samsung? Try a hard switch off (plugs out) and then unplug and re-connect the HDMI cable, and then power back up the TV and Atom.

Richard already tried this procedure … I did several cross-checks with little success. Thank you for your reply

Samsung have a nasty habit of providing firmware updates that remove functionality. I’ll try my muso 2 on my Samsung Frame 43" later and see if it works.
I can report the my older 55" samsung lcd works fine with the muso 2 via hdmi arc.
Love the samsung picture quality, but will not buy another due to them making changes and not communicating the negative consequences of any updates.


Tested muso 2 on 43” Samsung Frame tv. So, despite my moaning about Samsung the hdmi arc function works correctly.

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