Connection question regarding XP5 XS to nDAC

Greetings - I’m currently using the nDAC in my system without an added power supply. I have an opportunity to obtain a XP5 XS in good condition.
My question is: Does connecting the XP5 XS Burndy bypass the internal transformer in the nDAC?

No, it’s not bypassed (or at least not entirely), you need to have both connected to the mains.

Thank you kind Sir.

Most people who have an nDac add an XPS or better. I’m not sure whether an XP5XS will make a worthwhile difference.

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It does make a difference for sure. Sound becomes clearer and more differentiated, also better bass. I use this combo for years now and I am still very satisfied with it.

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I used an Ndac with an olive XPS, it didn’t make that much difference. However, I was using a poor quality transport.

I’m now using a good quality transport (Primar ND5) with an Ndac, very happy with it, without a power supply.

I’d make sure the streamer was good enough before bothering with a power supply.

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HungryHalibut, phobox - Thank you for your observations. Fortunately the XP5 XS is priced right and I’m purchasing from a dealer. He has agreed to a refund if the pairing is not to my

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Greetings Fatcat- Im using a Jay’s Audio CDT2-MK3 Transport and an Oppo BDP105D too. No streamer in my system yet.

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Hi @Gracie.1 I’m currently using a CD5 XS as a transport into my Ndac which has an XPS power supply and it all sounds pretty good to my ears with the XPS adding a nice uplift to the Ndac.
I have however long term been looking at getting a dedicated CDT as the CD5 XS is no longer serviceable by Naim and I wondered how the Jays Audio CDT fits with the Ndac and the overall Naim sound, the unit does look exceedingly well built and has some very good reviews but just wondered what your thoughts were.

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I’ve used an XP5XS on an nDAC for years. When it was my main source I once demo’d at home an XPS, and an XPSDR. I went for neither because the lift in performance over the XP5XS was marginal. It took a 555PS to properly put the XP5XS into the shade. In my view the XP5XS represents great VFM.


Come back and tell us the answer once you have forked out for the power supply.

I hope I’m not breaking Naim’s rules… I find the Jay’s Audio CDT2-MK3 on it’s own to be slightly forward but it has good pace and timing. To improve the the sound quality I added a power cord.

I find a good digital cable will net positive results. I’m currently auditioning the Snake River Boomslang, not a coaxial design. I find it highly musical, dare I say analog sounding.

The Jay’s Audio is limited to Redbook CD only and so I use my Oppo for HDCD and SACD playback.

I believe the Jay’s Audio CDT2-MK3 is out of production.


I have an XP5XS on an NDAC and am happy with it. I have a bit of a theory that the XP5XS provides more benefit to the NDAC than the streamers since even if the XP5XS is little better than the NDAC’s own PSU you gain the benefit of splitting the digital and analog supplies - this is not the case with the streamers where the off board PSU powers everything.


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