Connection speed through the Uniti Atom Ethernet port

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Recently after I checked the data of my internet router, I saw that the connection speed of my Uniti Atom through the Ethernet was estimated Low (100Mbit/s down and up) while it is excellent through WiFi (481 Mbit/s down and up). I changed the port on the router, and the Ethernet chord as well but the results are the same. Is the 100 Mbit/s connection speed normal while it is much higher through WiFi ? Is there any native technical limitation on the Uniti Atom Ethernet port ?
More generally speaking, does anyone know if there is a Uniti Atom user manual available, including technical specs, much more detailed than the Quick Start Guide provided by Naim ?
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I think the Ethernet interface on the Atom - in common with all other Naim streamers - is designed to operate at 100Mbps. It’s more than adequate for audio streaming, and minimises the potential for electrical noise to mess things up.

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Andy is correct, Naim, like many other brands, use 100Mb Ethernet on all their streamers because it’s more than enough for audio streaming, and uses less power than a Gb connection.

Sadly Naim abandoned the proper manuals in favour of a half-baked online support facility which you can find at the bottom of the product web page. It’s a poor substitute with errors and omissions that never seem to get corrected, but there is some useful information in there.


Without talking about user manuals: on the product page of the Atom the section on “Specifications” → “Show all specifications” has a good enough overview about HW specs.
(SW information may be outdated, when the devices have learned new features. E.g. Qobuz is missing on the Atom product page; we’re pretty sure larger USB sticks work, …)

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Thank you all of you for your fast answers. Now I feel reassured given that I thought my Atom was damaged :pray:

PhilippVH You’re quite right. I found it in the specs. It clearly says that the Atom Ethernet operates on a 100 Mbps basis (see attached
Screenshot). The fact is that these specs are not available on the French version of this page.Lesson learned: Always check the original source :slightly_smiling_face:

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