Connection with xlr SNAIC

Good morning all Naim users.
I happily have a combo consisting of NacN272 and NAP250, it plays wonderfully. The connection between these two units consists of xlr connectors, the ones that come as standard in the box for the NAP250. I have no complaints about the sound, but am curious about what another (better) xlr cable might do.
I am looking at the SNAIC xlr solution.
Does anyone have experience with it and does it actually sound better?
Also can I buy SNAIC for connection between CDX2 to NACN272 and is there anything to get there?
Furthermore, Naim must have believed that with the supplied standard cables I will get the desired effect and experience, or what do you think? Is it worth buying the SNAIC solution…?

The cable between the 272 and 250 is a din to XLR lead. Naim make a better version, the SuperLumina din to XLR, and other companies make them too. They are expensive and you’ll get a much greater improvement from buying an XPSDR power supply, or even better a PS 555DR.

As to the cable between the CDX2 and 272, I imagine you are using the 5 pin din interconnect that came with the CDX2. Naim make two alternatives, the Hiline and a SuperLumina. I’d suggest that the latter is disproportionately expensive for your system. The Hiline is also expensive but can be found used at a good price. Other companies make good 5 pin din cables too.

You’ll note that I’ve not mentioned Snaic cables. Snaics are for connecting power supplies and preamps or some CD players, and between preamps and some power amps. They are not applicable to your system.

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The SuperLumina DIN/XLR between 272 and 250DR does provide an uplift in sound quality over the standard interconnect.

However, as mentioned above, a PSU on the 272 gives far more bang for buck.

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Only some Naim Audio Interconnects are correctly called SNAIC’s… :snake:

These carry power as well as signals - and are usually found between Power Supplies and what they power. Current versions are Black - previous versions were Grey.

Check the FAQ - Know Your SNAIC… :slightly_smiling_face:

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And not all Snaics actually carry power, even though they can, such as a Snaic 4 between a Hicap and NAP150, 110, 200 etc. It’s no wonder people get confused.

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Hi HungryHalibut

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation, I appreciate it. As you say, the description of these connections to the power amp and between CDX2 and Preamp is correct
I’ll hasten to mention that I actually have an XPSDR for my NacN272, it sounds fantastic.

Where am I wrong here, because Naim himself mentions that it’s interconnects on this link

Thanks Richard

Excellent. If you want to make further improvements to your 272/XPS/250, then do consider swapping the XPS for a PS555DR. It’s a huge upgrade, far bigger than adding an XPS to a bare 272.

When I had a 272/555/250 I used a SuperLumina din to XLR. Is a very nice upgrade, especially when combined with SL speaker cables. But it’s expensive and in your case a 555 would bring so much more.


Hi Richard

Thank you for the detailed description of the different connections between devices and what the cables are intended for.
I can see now that I have been completely lost when I sent the original post. Very confussing

Hi HungryHalibut
That’s a hefty power supply, and do you think my NAP250 would still be able to keep up with the muscle of a PS555DR’s somewhat larger power supply? I’m very happy with my NAP250DR.
Do you think I can still get a significantly higher yield if I keep my NAP250DR as the output power?

Yes, it will work very well. Remember that the 555 powers only the 272. The 250 will get a better signal, with no more power.

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