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Hi Guys, I’m new here and have just inherited a vintage NAIM setup. I’m familiar with connecting components using RCA type connections and the NAIM din setup has completely confused me.

The NAIM components are:
NAC 102
Flatcap 2
NAP 180
Plus a Linn Sondek LP-12

I have 3 x 5 pin cables and 1 x 4 pin cables - what goes where? any help appreciated


Always found this useful.

Congratulations on your system, you will have a lifetime of glorious music to enjoy.


It looks like your NAC102 already has a NAPSC attached (for powering logic control circuits) so that’s at least one connection you don’t need to do.

To connect the NAC102 to the Hicap - use a SNAIC5, banded end closest to the pre-amp. The SNAIC5 feeds power to the 102 from the Hicap and also takes pre-amp signal the other way from 102 to Hicap. The Hicap has one DIN5 and then three DIN4s each providing stereo signal throughput. So you then take signal from the Hicap via a SNAIC4 to the NAP180. Make sure the banded end goes closest to the Hicap.

For the CD5, you connect Power Out B of the Flatcap to the upgrade socket on the CD5 via SNAIC5. This means the Flatcap powers the analogue output stage of the CD5, the rest of the CD5 being powered by its own internal supply. Then connect signal from the CD5 to the NAC102 via the lavender/grey interconnect. Banded ends closest to the CD5.

Connect the speaker cables, being careful to ensure that CH1 = left, CH2 = Right.

Before you proceed, have a read through the FAQ here, particularly regarding cabling, why Naim do things the way they do, and cable ID.

Good luck, and let us know if you need any more help.

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Thank you gents - all sorted now.

Thats a very nice system to inherit,
you might like to see if any of the units are due a service at some point.

Ive also found the link that Dusty posted very useful. Try and get your NAPSC well away from other boxes as they can be a bit noisey.

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