I have a Superline phono with a HiCap DR as a power supply.
On my 202 pre amp there are two Aux2 sockets on the back. One has a 24v DC power supply and the other lower one has no power.
Am I right in assuming I use the lower no power of the two to connect to the Superline.

Hope this makes sense I am still getting used to Naim connection philosophy.

That’s correct, avoid the top one.
I connect my Superline/HiCapDR to Aux 1.
A friend connects his Stageline into the Tuner input as he swears it sounds better.

Thankyou so much for your help Steve

Hi can anyone confirm the right cable from Hi Cap to Pre amp with the Hi cap serving the Superline phono.
Seems to be 4 pin at the hi cap end to 5 pin at the pre amp input.

It’s the second Din from the right on Hi Cap to the lower Aux2 on the NAC 202 see pic below

pre amp

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