Considering Simrak. Any experiences to share out there?

Agree, very nice looking rack. Nice job Simon!

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BlockquoteThanks for the pointer - I just Googled “Simrak Cymbiosis” and found a page of blurb with no prices. Thanks to your help I find that all the price lists are indeed under Information but you need to know that Simrak = Simon Price; I didn’t but I do now.

Thanks for all your help and observations guys. I will ask Phil to amend the website to make things easier when we get chance.



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I was lucky enough to hear my system on one of these superb racks. I have a Fraim, but would be more than happy with a Simrak, In fact, if I were buying today then I’d go for the Simrak,


Trigger pulled :grinning:


Congratulations, fantastic looking rack system…


You can’t beat a nice looking rack :rofl: :rofl:


Indeed, apart from Naim (and within certain constraints, their dealers) it is strictly forbidden for anyone to post about their own commercial interests or promote or comment on their non-Naim products on here.

I find the sentence somewhat ambiguous; I suppose this means “other manufacturers than Naim are not allowed to promote or comment on their own products” - which is fair enough.

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Peter, you mean as I have learned to navigate round the site it’s going to change
Signed “Old Dog” :thinking:

No we are happy with the site navigation as it stands catswhiskers but we are always ears open to any suggestions for improvement ofcourse.

I’m happy as well. As a non-streamer I am working through the various ethernet cable discussions, thinking that whilst learning is good for keeping the brain in fettle there can be information overload.
Back to the music…

Installed the Simrak this afternoon. First time the whole system has been dismantled completely for years.
Took quite a while to get everything installed as I kept having to build up, work out cable lengths, then dismantle, position the cables, then rebuild.
Happily everything went together and sound emerged again when I was done.
System now nicely warmed through and sounding good. :grinning::grinning:


Looks great :+1:t3: Wires look a touch close to the wall though maybe? Maybe it’s just the photo angle!

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It’s a compromise between having clearance behind vs jutting out into the room. Ideally the alcove would be a touch deeper. The cables just clear the rear wall :grinning:

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Opted for walnut the other day! Excited

Has the rack improved the sound would you say compared to what you were using before?


I believe so. How much is due to the new rack alone is hard to say as stripping down the system has ‘wiped’ all the contacts and the cable dressing is also better - although not ideal. Before I had the NAPSC under the rack on a granite slab on the carpet, now it sits on the bottom shelf (keeping it warm until I get a 300PS to put on there :grinning: )

I did consider moving the stacking order around, swapping the 555PS and the Hicaps. I intend getting a SCDR as a stepping stone to a 252 at some point so might look at the stacking order again then.

The main improvement is added weight and authority to the mids without muting the treble.


Just an update now that I have had a proper listen over several days.
The best way to describe the change in sonic signature with the Simrak is that it sounds more complete or mature. There is still the detail and clarity but it is tempered and a bit less frenetic.
Obviously I can’t compare it to a Fraim but a certain Peter suggested to me that it is 95% of the way there and I see little reason to doubt this.

Oh yes, did I mention it looks stunning :grinning:


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