Constructions coming - how to protect the equipment

sorry for the thread being a bit nerdy (again).

I live in a flat under the roof and in 3 weeks I will get 4 new roof windows. The big room with the naim equipment is safe, as there are no windows to exchange.
There is a connecting passway between the “construction site” and living room with naim. But I can handle that, as I already bought 2 dust protecting doors to install completely (one from each side of the passkey :slight_smile: ).
All other naim equipment will be dismantled: Bedroom UQ2, Muso and second system in dining room. Will store it all in living room.

I think I can handle it altogether with dust protection - also there is not so much dust to be created as it was confirmed by the company several times.
I bought full Dexter equipment :slight_smile: with several planes to cover all furniture and lego and… Will wrap everything fully protected!

Is there something else I should be aware of? Except dust.

  • Should I switch the main system off, as there will be some electrical work done?
  • is it a problem, that the naim system is located under the roof area, where in the other room the window is done → I am referring to vibrations in the pitched roof area during work?
    But roof vibration does not mean that is running in the floor and the equipment.

Please no advice to put all in its boxes … as this will be a hell of work, which I really like to avoid.

Think that during transit the equipment must endure a 100 times more as im my room when the windows are done next room.

But better asking - do want to forget something…

Tanks for adoring :grin:

no wall mounts - all one the floor :slight_smile:

sorry for the mess on my desk :slight_smile:

If you are having electrics done, then yes everything off. The power will need to go off anyway, so power down normally.

There will be more dust than you think.

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I can think of a lot of dust.
But the roof windows have a standard installation frame and should fit as the former ones. They should… I know.
No work on plastering - only Sheetrock.
But there will be dust …
And I am fully equipped:)

Power off is ok. I first thought I could let the main system running as it is in the safe room. See pics :slight_smile:
No electrics done! Only windows!
Sorry it was misleading - I referred to the window construction people using some equipment they plug in.

I was in a similar situation before, but luckily I was able to obtain locally some fairly large lightweight, transparent plastic sheets, which I used to cover all hifi components, speakers, stands, etc. w/o moving anything.

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I bought this plastic sheets in all variants.
I am also planning to arrange some kind of plastic sheet curtain hanging from the roof line (have special sheet on a roll) - even if the room is sealed with the dust door (if all goes well I also do not need to to use the door)

I have a full plan for the dust, but what about vibrations (if there is any) or switching off (no work on electricity done)

You worry too much. Naim boxes are delivered by courier, so a bit of drilling cannot harm anything. Why might there be need to be a need to turn it off if the power is uninterrupted? Relax.


I worry too much - this must be new :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Have a bit Stigma as several years ago some really clever guys made the basement and my cellar was covered in 3mm dust so that I could put a lot of stuff (like old VCR) in the trash…
But yess - I worry way tooooo much :slight_smile:

Nothing that can be done against vibrations, except that you will need to tighten all the screws before and after the constructions, secure everything in place, and of course switch off and unplug everything.

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Why should I unplug everything, when it is in the other room.
Screws of fraim are really tight - but can check them. There will only be vibrations in the wall - not the floor. no wall mounts.

It’s just me, if I do not use something for a while, I just switch it off, and unplug it if I go on a trip for a few days.

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I do the same - but the window guys will stay for 1 day and will be finished afterwards. And I will be there watching every step - they will remember this day :slight_smile:
I will ask them tomorrow If there will be vibration in the floor. But why should it be - they need to cut out windows only - as they told me, it should be done very precise and carefully as the new window should fit.
If so - I think about dismantling ND555 - transit bolts?

Just leave it alone. Nothing will happen. It’s not even in the same room! And don’t watch over the builders. They hate it. Just make them lots of cups of tea and offer some nice biscuits or cake.


@HungryHalibut You are my very best coach :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: THANK you so much!

But … Lol - not the same room, but not so far away and … I am totally in love with my naims… could be part of an 80s advertisement :slight_smile:

And by the way ND555 … what a machine! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Chill out it’s not an earthquake just dust protect and relax your grossly overthinking it.
If them using power tools bothers you in case if clicks and pops etc then give the system a shut down breather get all the mess tidied.
Then when in a better mind space set it up to play again.

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Perhaps you should love it less. It’s only consumer electronics. It’s not a family member or a priceless sculpture.

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When I grown up more and ready for downsizing I will be able to live less :rofl:

By the way … I really like all you guys here. Has there ever been any idea to organize a meet and greet at naim . I would join as from Hamburg it can be done. For non European colleagues it would be more difficult…

I would ask them to caress the nails and drill with delicacy and love. And use only plastic hammers.

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Will do so :joy: made my day … pictures in mind :joy:

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I should think so too :laughing:

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The purpose of your HiFi is to create vibrations, coming from the loudspeakers that sit right next to it. A few more will do no harm.

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