Contacting Naim in 2024

Just spent 15mins trying to find a telephone number for Naim HQ on their awful new website.
I may be dumb but just cannot find any contact info even under their Contact section. Just templates that do not fit my enquiry, not even an email address…
Want to check out any past Service History on a pair of NAP135’s I just bought prior to talking to my Dealer about sending to Salisbury for Service.
Can anyone tell me the correct method to contact the Service Dept. in 2024 to gain this info. which I know is recorded. Never used to be a problem talking to Naim and I know my dealer Audio t Chelt. don’t have access to Naim service system from previous discussion when my 282 was repaired.

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Google Naim Audio’s telephone number and call them. They are very nice people and happy to help.

Related to google. With their update on their www they broke lots of links so google forward you to pages that doesn’t exist. I guess they never heard of SEO.

Try -

I find it remarkable that there are no clear ways to contact Naim.

Google says - for Naim Customer Service

01722 426600

Should Not Be This Hard.


Thanks people. Faith in Naim restored, spoke with Jordon in Service Department who was really helpful.
Turns out my two recently ebayed NAP135’s sn: 18986 & 18995 were sold as a matched pair from Naim on 19th December 1984 via a London Dealer (now defunct) but not the S Org where I bought my originals in March 1984 (regretably sold to finance NAP300 in 2004)
Not been repaired or serviced so very overdue! Will check with Darren @ Class A too but looks like in need of love.
Actually still sound really good in 2nd system with Atom /Gale 401A’s but feel bass maybe lacks substance versus my NAP500 in system upstairs. Not surprising!

So why don’t Naim give telephone number or email on their web site - pretty daft IMHO…

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I agree. I’ve just scoured the website and can’t find the phone number or email anywhere. Of course, for most things the dealer should be the first port of call, but not in this case. There is something that says if your dealer can’t resolve, then contact us using the details below. Which aren’t there. Its surely not a hard thing to get right.

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It would appear that solving the three body problem would be easier than fixing, or even just rationalising the website…….

I’ll get my coat.



Definitely, Darran is the one to service the 135s. But don’t forget to see if he has worked on them before. Email is a good way to contact him. Some of my olives had been to both Salisbury and Sheffield before their life in sunny Kent.

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I’ve updated the Customer Service Contact FAQ on here:


Manufactures just don’t want to talk to customers any more. It’s not just NAIM (but appears to include them). Talking to customers takes time and time is money. Welcome to the Brave New World!


Its certainly not just Naim, but I think the reasoning is perhaps more complex. What they don’t perhaps want, is for contact email addresses and phone numbers being easily found, by ‘malicious actors’. Who then generate spam and more. But - the downside is that its then harder for genuine people to contact them.

Using a Contact form is one way. Send us a msg - and we will get back to you. Naim have this.

The New Normal - !!

Literally google “Naim Audio telephone” and the number comes up large at the top of the page. Three words typed, not so hard. It’s easier than faffing about on their website, even when the number was there.

They answer quickly and always seem happy to chat about your Naim related query.

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Maybe in the UK but not abroad…

If you google “Naim Audio telephone” in Sweden, what DO you get?


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Ah, not much good then. In UK we get this which is much more useful.

Yes, that was much better.

You are comparing smartphone browser to desktop browser. They do not show same information.

But of course the www should show contact information. If they want to be contacted that way. Maybe they don’t.

Screenshot from my phone using same search in google:

Previous screenshot was from my iPad.