Control 202 preamp display with NDX remote

I have an NDX streamer and a NAC 202 preamp.

Is there any way to control the preamp’s display (ie turn the various lights on and off) using the NDX remote?

The NDX remote controls the 202 volume fine, but I just cannot find a way to control the 202 display also.

I have the 202 remote (which controls its display) - but I want to be able to use the NDX remote (if possible)!

Thank you.


You’ll need to use the regular Narcom that came with your NAC202 for that. Make sure the PRE softkey is selected and then toggle the DISP button.

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Thanks, Richard.

The 202 remote works fine and I do use that to control the 202’s display when necessary. However, it appears that there is no way to control the 202’s display with the NDX remote instead.


That is correct.

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