Controlling Tidal in naim-app

I do have an offer of Tidal. Now it must be possible to control from the naim-app (icon Tidal) My system SN3/NDX2.


But it doesn’t work. What do i have to do to control Tidal in the naim-app?

The only way how it works is via the Tidal app and play threw chrome cast.

Will the chrome cast has the same (or better) quality as it plays from the NDX2 network connection?

Under the App’s Settings menu (the cog wheel) > Input Settings, you need to activate TIDAL as an input.

The in-app implementation is better-quality than Chromecast, yes (and supports gapless playback).

This is how it is activated.

Is this correct?

It doesn’t work in this situation.

Yes, that’s right - and looks as if you’re logged in (being as it’s giving you a login input).

If you then go to the TIDAL logo on your home screen, you should have access. Or trying searching for a favourite album and artist - that should bring in TIDAL search results.

When i press on the play button, nothing starts. That’s weird.

I can search in the app for the songs, but not playing them.

In my app i do have Tital, whereas on the NDX2 i see only these 5 inputs to play. Not Tidal.

How do i adding Tidal to this list?

communication with the app? (how?) or another way?

Only Spotify appears on the front display, as it’s a compliance feature of Spotify Connect.

Going back to your connection issue, I would suggest you reboot your NDX 2 - fully disconnect from the mains power, then leave for 30 minutes and restart. Also fully close your App during this down time - maybe restart your phone/tablet for good measure, too.

It work.

I logged out tidal in the naim-app.

After that I logged in again and it works fine. No rebooting my NDX2.

What a great sound.


Excellent news! Enjoy :slight_smile:


As i see it now. In the naim app, Tidal, there are both Tidal and Qobuz. Qobuz is only 29 sec. Tidal complete song.

If you’re only getting the start of a Qobuz song, it usually means you’re logged into another device - unless you have the Family subscription, Qobuz only supports one connected device at a time. So if you log out on your phone or whereever else you have an active Qobuz connection, it should stream fine from within the Naim App

As far as I know I don’t have a Qobuz account. Only Tidal.

But the thing is that you can see both, tidal and Qobuz, in the tidal channel in the naim app.


In that case you’re probably just getting 30 second mp3 samples from Qobuz. You can always hide Qobuz by going in to the Naim app settings → Input settings → Qobuz and disabling the input

I am always logged into Qobuz on a tablet and a phone with the Naim app on both (actually both the release and the beta app on both), and on the phone with the Qobuz app too, and sometimes with the browser on the laptop, and never had any problems. No family subscription.

Based on forum posts I saw, the 30 secs seems usually an issue with the login not actually having worked although it looks like it. Logging out and back in typically seems to fix it
Edit: Or not actually having an account like rob-z …

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Users with multiple active devices - eg several actively streaming at once - have encountered this exact same issue in past. And having no account, evidently!


I don’t have an qobuz account, only Tidal :wink:

Yes, got it. So Qobuz just gives you the 30 seconds teasers. At least this part is clarified :slight_smile:

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