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With the installation of IOS14 and since I did a clear history and website data. I am constantly having this screen displayed every time I open up safari. Similar problem to a few months ago. Not sure if the web developer has been fiddling again :wink: It’s ok if I haven’t closed the browser fully down.

Hopefully @Richard.Dane can shed some light.

It’s not the web people fiddling, I updated to iOS14 last evening, I had the cookie screen just the one first time after the reset, since then it hasn’t shown, just like it was before. I suspect it might be something’s changed at your end.

Nope sorry, but I’ll point it out to our web developer on Monday.

It does it on both my iPhone and my iPad the only thing that has changed is IOS14 iPadOS14. It doesn’t happen on my iMac or Mac Mini they haven’t had an operating system upgrade but a new version of safari was released the other day.

Do you fully close safari by flicking it away so that it doesn’t run in the background?

The only other recent change has been that the beta testing section has been added.

The problem only happens on the Naim forum site, other sites that ask for cookie only ask once.

I don’t use Safari to run Discourse. I either use the iOS installed Discourse app or go to via Chrome

Me too.


This problem has occurred in the past when using safari to view the forum and in the past it has been down to a change the web developer has made. Though that may not be the case this time.

What app do you use in iOS to read/post to the forum? I’ve been doing it from the Safari webbrowser. I installed Discourse Hub but couldnt find the forum.

Safari Bart.


On Safari 13.1.2.

Get it all the time - most recently a few minutes ago. Also appears on iPhone and iPad.

Same here, but not all the time

Seems to crop up randomly when using iPad.

I just hit “accept” and continue with life …

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