Copenhagen Restaurant Reccos?

Hi all. Anyone have thoughts on Copenhagen restaurants. I’m traveling there in early Nov. I’m not going to say price no object but it’s vaca so I’m not fretting on cost

Was looking online at the usual suspects and just about everything is booked so anything you really like that does not have a Michelin star I may be able to get into !

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I was in Noma many times. I think it is the best, sorry Ferran.

I still remember René asking us to hold the pan with confidence. One of the moments that define my life.

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Noma unfortunately sold out for like forever

Also Noma is very expensive, no doubt helped onwards and upwards by its three Michelin stars.

Number two in the recent World’s 50 best restaurants list, behind Noma, is Geranium. Also expensive, but last time I was in Copenhagen, it was possible to book a few weeks out. But our friends thought that was too expensive too and we ended up at Relae, which I would have recommended strongly but unfortunately I see that it has closed permanently….

If you like Mexican food “La Fiesta Mexicana” in Frederiksberg is a must visit restaurant. Best Mexican food I’ve ever tasted.

Have you ever been to Mexico? :wink:

OK, not a restaurant, it’s a beer hall but you can’t go to Copenhagen without a visit to War Pigs (in the meat packing district). If you intend to eat there as well you’d better like meat.

No, but I’m sure the average tourist visiting Mexico won’t be sampling the best of Mexican cuisine.

Rule number one when visiting a city. Move away from the tourist areas and head for the residential or commercial districts, if you want some top nosh.

Don’t think I’d be venturing away from the tourist districts in Mexico. :thinking:

Yes i was just joking, i tend to do the same thing. Probably the best Chinese food i ever had was in Chinatown NY! :ok_hand:

I did venture away from the tourist areas in Mexico and had a great experience, although there were one or two precarious moments that in hindsight could have better been avoided…

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Thanks all. Well so far almost everything booked but got reser at bar seats at fiskebar friday !

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Lot´s of places to choose from:

Fish: Fishmarket,
Steak: Retour Steak or M.A.S.H
Bistro: Pastis or Bistro Boheme
Pizza: Pizzaria Luca or Pizzaria Mamemi
Open faced sandwich: Schoennemanns, Kronborg or Told & Snaps
Grab a burger at Gasoline Grill or even Popl (Nomas burger outlet)

None of these are aiming for Michelin stars, but are good at what they do.


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Thanks Roos I think I am set !!!

Fiskebar is where Rick went as Noma was so up itself they wouldn’t have him in I think I recall.


I have been to Mexico; well off the beaten track and had some remarkable food. Predictably absolutely nothing like the European version of Mexican food. The best European version of Mexican food was actually done by a Canadian in North Wales.

Jaso and Villa María, both in Polanco, are two of our favorite restaurants in the DF. I hope they are still doing well.

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