Core Album ripping question

Morning …l had previously ripped a copy of Bat out of Hell…the Re -vamped version.
Today I ripped a later version…the one with two extra tracks…ripped no problem with all metadata.
Looking a the library , I have only the newer version showing …is this normal ? Has the older version been overwritten or deleted ?
Not a problem …just would like to understand what has happened.

The answer is it depends whether the Core thinks it’s the same album or a different one. And that depends on what the publisher told Rovi etc about the re-vamp.

If it’s seen as being the same album then the Core will overwrite the earlier rip. It doesn’t matter whether there are more or less tracks, it will still overwrite it.

But if Rovi is saying this is a different album then the Core will just save the new rip, leaving the old rip intact.



So am I correct in thinking that I can’t “ force “ the core to rip and store both versions if it sees the metadata as the same ?

That’s right. Even if you edit the metadata of the original rip, the Core will ignore that.

If you want both then the easiest way is to copy the first rip to your downloads folder and then allow the second rip to overwrite the original rip in the music store. Both will show up in the app.



Thanks !

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