Core direct to DAC vs. Ethernet


I have had my Core for the better part of two years and until this week had used the SPDIF connection to a Moon Audio DAC and then on to my amp.

This past week I picked up a used ND5 XS and have been using the ethernet connection to send music from the Core to the ND5 XS.

I have searched the forum and the difference in sound quality has not been discussed at length in some time so I thought I would solicit some fresh opinions.


It is discussed from time to time. I would say from reading lots of posts that it’s about equally split between “it makes no difference which connection you use”, on the one hand and one or other is better on the other.

And of those that think one or other is better, it’s about equally split again.

So in other words, neither is certainly better than the other, so the one you prefer is best.



You have tried both, so what os your verdict?

I think I prefer the Moon DAC, but I’m planning to sell it and use the Core through the ND5 XS - but I can’t seem to figure out how to use it directly. Maybe when I figure that out I’ll post again. ; )

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