Core ND555 NAC552 NAP300DR Sopra No.2

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Thanks very much for the kind comments some of you have made about my system.
One reader, Frenchrooster suggested I paste some pictures of the system, so here are a couple of photos.
Appologies for the dust…

I didn’t notice it until after I’d taken the photos.
You may notice that I don’t have a Fraim system, just a standard HiFi rack.
I must say this seems to work OK for me, and also I am running out of money…

The 555PSU and the 552PSU are the Naim ‘500 Finish’ which is rather smoother than the standard finish. However that makes no difference to the performance and you can’t see my PSU units in my HiFi rack.


Really awesome system Len!

Looks great! Speakers quite boxed into the corners but doesn’t look like you can’t do much about that!

Super System! Enjoy!

Lovely system.

Obviously only making an assumption via a photo but I would have thought that your room and sound would be far better suited to some fantastic standmounts?
They do look rather boxed in and obviously not ideal with the woofer firing into the sofa.


This room reminds me @Dunc one. And he uses Pmc Fact 12. So bigger speakers than these ones.

A great system! But it looks massively compromised in that room. But if it works for you it doesn’t matter!

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Yes very similar room by the looks of it

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Hi everyone, again thanks for the kind comments. I realise my speakers are slightly compromised in their location but I’m in the land of reality and I can’t afford a bigger place.
So my system is part of the living room and is definitely compromised to some extent.
However I have the huge advantage of living in a detached property so I don’t have to worry about disturbing next door neighbours.
I don’t want to give the wrong impression though, I don’t blow the roof off with the volume control but it’s great to listen without qualms late at night and into the early hours when I feel like it. A great freedom, and one of the best audio accessories!
I am currently listening to my system and also reading about some of the fantastic systems that some of you guys have….
I thought I’d spent a bob on my system but I realise I’m on the starter grid in some respects.
I was very lucky a short while ago to get a private demo of a Naim Statement System driving Focal Utopia speakers.
This was at the dealership that sold me my Super Lumina speaker cables.
It was enlightening and the sound was incredibly detailed. I feel very privileged to have had the demo.
Of course I immediately had to get home and do an immediate comparison with my own much more modest system.
There wasn’t really as much difference as I expected, which pleased me no end.
However, eventually, to get to my point, in my humble opinion the hugely greatest effect on sound quality from these systems is - What Mood You’re In.
Tonight I have drifted from paying serious attention to certain favourites to reading a book while my music plays to scanning the Naim Forum while listening to my system.
All the music I’ve listened to tonight has sounded superb to me - I’m in the mood and it’s great.
Anyone out there considering buying a new car?
Forget it and get a really good stereo instead, it will last a lot longer and once you’ve climbed to a certain level, it remains at that level - well worth it as an investment in your future.


Funny you say that about the car. My everyday vehicle is a 2013 with 120,000 miles. Numerous door dings and “keyed” all the way down the passenger side. Looked at a new one, just couldn’t do it. Adding to my system instead.


With the chip shortage, tight inventories and less cash incentives, now may not be the best time anyway. I’d keep driving what you got.

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