Core update

Hello all
My core just updated , bit of a surprise after so long
Its now on 2.5.7
Any body know what its done :thinking:
Seems operationally the same .

If it is all working fine for you, enjoy!
Naim won’t be detailing incremental changes so most likely operationally unchanged; likely some meta data look up improvements.

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I was on holiday when it was updated ,
Just got a text from my son saying i fixed your hifi

KIDS :rofl:

It’s a fix for metadata lookup issues following from changes the metadata databases made. It’s been in beta for a while now and works fine in my experience.

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Good to know :+1:
I love my core , and firmly believe it sounds a touch nicer in my system than Qobuz streaming through my atom he ,
Bit more “punch” maybe
Anyway , thanks for the info :slightly_smiling_face:

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Any updates to Naim’s other streamers/servers?