Coronavirus - our mental health

In my view, OK if you are already in at least as close regular contact with them, whether daily at work or home, and as long as additional transfer risk is not introduced (as getting drunk might).

I am not a doctor . I just think that it’s safer to not see people outside our home, like friends or family.
I stay for now only with my wife. The virus can be inside you but you can have no symptoms.


Yes, I agree, if you stay already with them, you have no reason to change. I was referring to people or family with who you don’t live.

At this point I’m going to self-isolate in bed for the night -if lying with someone else counts as self-isolation… Good night,

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Same for me. Good night for all.

The virus can be inside you only if you’ve been somewhere you’re likely to be exposed to it
I have been in those places, the tube and on site, I’ve had 3 different time spans for being all clear
1 thought 5 days, mum thought 7, the girl said 10
It’s easy enough if I’m good in 10 days time then happy days :smiley:
In reality I wouldn’t be up there for a few months anyway


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It is inconceivable to me how the majority of the population are going to be happy without being able to do normal things like going to the cinema, pubs, restaurants and sporting events etc. Let alone restrictions on essential services. How can individuals who are used to working all day long and having an active social life, be expected to sit down and read a book all day long, everyday, until who knows when?

“Chuck us a copy of that Moa Tse Tung luv, I’ve just finished with Marx.”


:small_orange_diamond:Wrong,.during this period we Shall Listen To,and Do as our Governments say.

They make the decisions,.we obey…!!

/Peder :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a temporary situation.

Looking at history and specifically the Wars, people were able to put themselves through necessary discomfort, with what we assume at this time, to be a much, much, longer period of time.

I think it is a matter of finding the right way for you/one to pass through this discomfort. We will all do it differently, I guess. I view it as a learning process, spend the time understanding how and why we got here, what has caused this.

If we all managed to spend our time understanding basic, simple things like these, I believe we will be better equipped to get through the next one. Hopefully by then, the learning process now will make such events less likely in the future.


Only from another person or something they’ve sneezed/coughed on or touched, or potentially faeces/bodily fluids.

Your example is technically extremely low risk but only if places truly remained remote - then of course once you’d done a few 100 mile trips you’d probably need petrol/diesel and would have to interact with petrol pumps and perhaps cashiers/card machines. It is not something I think would generally be recommended or advised in the current climate, and certainly could not be described as necessary.

The clear risk is that once many people do this, then isolation would go out the window and we’d probably end up with stricter travel/exercise arrangements or curfews, something that may happen regardless.


Personally I’d love to have weeks at home with only the occasional trip for food. There are so many things I normally don’t have time to attend to/sort out when working, and actually reading some books I’ve always wanted to could be a great way to pass the time.

At present I’m still working from home, but will be mostly working overnight/evenings as of next week, which will probably mess up my body clock compared to the rest of the family, but may mean I can spend time with the kids in the day/help them with e-homework which I haven’t been able to due to daytime home working in the last 2 weeks.

It will affect us all differently. I enjoy food shopping which will have to reduce. I rarely go to the pub/cinema/sporting events etc these days. Will miss access to the gym, but time to dust of the exercise bike - I might even get fitter at home, but that’s doubtful.

This US congress woman for instance. I think she’s stressed to the max. :roll_eyes:

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Gosh, she really seems wired.

The emotions were rather high last week, both the house and senate trying to pass that 2T$ Bill.
But I do wonder how on earth was she get elected? :thinking:

Just one of the risks is having an accident in your car thus putting added pressure on the emergency services and being taken to a hospital with caronovirus.
As been mentioned before our parents and grandparents went to war to save us. All we have to do to save them is stay at home. :+1:


Not ENTIRELY true - allegedly.


I wonder that about many politicians!

Excellent point.

Mountain rescue services are advising people not to wander up/climb mountains here as if they were called out they’d be putting themsleves at risk.

The UK Gov advice is that you should show symptoms by 5 days if you are going to and after 7 days you can stop isolating if you live alone. But if you live in a shared home then its 14 days before any of you can stop isolating and if anyone gets it in that time, they have to start another 7 days from once they show symptoms but everyone else is ok after the initial 14 days. No wonder people get confused!


Suspect there are many asymptomatic/barely symptomatic Typhoid Mary type short-term carriers out there too, which is another good reason to avoid others for now.