Correct burndy for nac 272 to xps

Hi, I’ve got a nac 272, and have access to a cheap second hand xps, but it doesn’t come with a burndy cable. Can someone please confirm that I need an 11 pin burndy cable and that all 11 pin burndy cables are the same? I’m going to try and find a second hand one and need to be sure I’m getting the right cable!!
The Naim website lists multiple devices that can connect to an 11 pin burndy, but not the 272.

You need an S-XPS Burndy. They have S-XPS on the collar so are easy to spot.

Its the same lead as from XPS to CDX2 or NDX2, AFAIK.

You mention a “cheap second hand xps” - is it an olive casing xps or the later black casing xps ?

I ask this question as the olive style xps power supply is not compatible with the NAC-N 272

Thank you. If it doesn’t have the s in front of the XPS is it still ok, or must it have the S?

I believe there was a really old XPS version but whatever, it’s the better S-XPS you want. You can find them for £200 or less.

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It’s the latter black casing version.

Thanks all for your help. I’ll hunt down an S-XPS Burndy.