Correct startup sequence of NAP-202, NAPSC, HicapDR, and NAP-200 configurations?


how to activate the correct order for some Naim units below:

  • Naim NAC-202
  • Naim NAPSC
  • Naim Hicap DR
  • Naim NAP-200

Description: NAPSC doesn’t have a switch, so I turn it on or off immediately, unplug it and plug in the power plug, is it allowed for me to use an electric socket with a switch on the body for this NAPSC?

thank you

I’d power up the NAPSC, then switch on the Hicap, then once the 202 is happy, switch on the 200.
Then leave them on until you go on holiday or there’s a thunderstorm locally.


Main thing IMO is power amp last and leave a short interval after firing up the other stuff before switching on the NAP.

No source is mentioned but I’d switch that on first of all and give it a little time before switching on the amp/PSs.


oh ok, but leave the always on, with fluctuated voltage, is it save?

oh yes, I forgot that, I’m using CDX
so the sequence is :

CDX → NAPSC)that will automatically switch on the 202) → HicapDR and the last one is NAP-200, isn’t it?

That is correct. Reverse the sequence to switch off.

Allowed? Yes. The police will not come knocking (well, not for this, at least).

Recommended? Not on this forum, I think you’ll find.


Yes, not just safe but recommended :grinning:

I currently use a 1 line power source for all my Naim devices, what I want to ask, if I turn on the power source, then the NAC-202+NAPSC will automatically turn ON because these 2 devices do not have an ON/OFF switch, while the sequence power on, this NAC-202+NAPSC should be the second one, where the first is a CDX CD player (the CDX has an ON/OFF switch so it can be switched ON or OFF), then my power-on sequence is as follows:
NAC-202 + NAPSC → CDX → HICAP DR → NAP-200
is it allowed?

That will be ok. Don’t worry.

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oh ok, thank you for make me sure

The important thing is to switch the power amp on last, and when you switch things off, switch off the power amp first. The exact sequence for the rest doesn’t really matter.


indeed - and wait a tiny short time for the speakers to softly pop when switching the NAP off - which is the reservoir capacitors in the power supply discharging - and then switch off the NAC in whatever order you want.

yes the “pop up” sound appears momentarily if we turn on and off the NAP, this is the specialty of Naim

No need to worry as the napsc will power only the control circuits on the nac 202 and BTW congrats on your new acquirement, hope you are enjoying your new setup.

thank you,
I want to use my Naim set well so that it can be enjoyed longer.
Thank you, NAC202/NAPSC/HiCapDR/NAP200 is very satisfying for me

As said above, for best sound, it’s probably best to leave it all on unless you’re away for a while or storms are forecast. That means you’ll only be going through the switching sequence occasionally.

Enjoy your excellent system.


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thank you Roger, your suggestion is valuable for me, Ill try

electricity conditions here in Indonesia are not as good as possible in countries with better electricity conditions, so indeed we as users are a bit risky to leave it always on
Voltage can fluctuate at any time and can go off and on at any time

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