Cosmetic repair

Hello to all of you,
About three weeks ago I moved to a new apartment.
During the transfer, one speaker (S600) was hit at the top above the units.
The damage is only aesthetic,
Does Naim or any member of the forum have any recommendations for repair / reduction of damage?! thank’s

I think that question might be best asked of Naim directly. Have you emailed support and asked for their advice?

Hi Richard
I haven’t done that yet, but you know - “the wisdom of the masses” … :wink:

Of course.

Could try suguru - black and experiment first?

'we have heard from members of the Sugru community that have found acrylic paint works well for those after fix touches! ’

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For (very) small repairs, in case it looks worse in the picture, plain black permanent marker works. Immediately wipe for mat/sating, leave to dry for glossy. Obviously try a dot in a less visible place first.

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I would build it back up slowly and carefully with a matching enamel paint

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For fine furniture (including speaker cabinet), would a skilled local carpenter or piano repairer helps?
I once had a bad scratch on my Dynaudio speaker due to my dog, and my local piano repairer fixed it nicely.

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It’s worth asking Naim what the black finish is. If you rub it down, build up the original shape with two part filler, then sand it to shape, then paint it with the original finish it will probably be ok. I imagine the front panel is made from
mdf or similar.

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