Cost to service and DR a NAC 552

I have the opportunity to buy a 552 from 2011. How much should I be budgeting for a service and DR ?

£2,999 according to the Naim website.

Thanks HH , couldn’t see it on the Naim website hence the post here . As my wife would say I must have been doing “man looking” !

I simply googled ‘Naim 552 DR upgrade’ and the second hit was this…

HH thanks once again and i clearly need to stop using Bing !
To be clear though this list comes into effect on September 1st and is a new policy that you must have DR & service at the same time and it looks like a 20-25% increase on current prices e.g I currently have a 555PS at Naim to be DR’d and that was 1599 and the service that was done on it earlier in the year was 449. The new price (including service) is 2499 . I guess that is another rationale i can use for upgrading now :slight_smile:

This seems to me like a very badly thought out policy from Naim. Anyone who has had an item serviced fairly recently, and now wants a DR upgrade, is going to be pretty angry at having to pay for that service again, when it shouldn’t be needed for perhaps another ten years. All the more so if this is also a price increase. Am I missing something?

No… you have put it very nicely

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