Could someone measure the actual width of the front baffle on an ATC 40scm

As title reads would some kind member on the forum with a pair of these please measure the actual width across the front baffle, the only specifications I can find always add in the width of the feet as well, many thanks in advance folks.


I get 23.3cm. The cabinet gets wider as you go back to around 26.5cm max.


23cm measured across the front at the top of the speaker and across the metal grill.

Many thanks to everyone for taking the time to help very much appreciated.

Nice to see we have a blend of actives and passives.

Just need to try and run them past swmbo, all this before even hearing them! Things you have to do.

Good luck!

I’d love 50s but SWMBO has objections on aesthetic grounds.

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Luckily, my wife preferred the 50s to the 40s aesthetically. Who was I to argue? Actives also meant two fewer black boxes. Great she said!


I have a feeling it might be an up hill struggle, I even thought of mentioning they are available in white, not sure if that would help or not, I not really bothered about the colour finish.

I really like the 50’s but out of my price range, couldn’t afford the legal fees :wink:

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Actives are an option at the moment, think it’s the other hurdle that might be the problem.

I would like to hear the passive 40’s, have heard the active 40’s and 50’s and if I had the option the 50’s would be just a touch in front, for me, will see how we go.

Wife and I both auditioned the 40s active and she liked those in the oak finish best. We were actually were going to order those 40s when my dealer just happened to mention that he had a pair of walnut active 50s. Wife loved the 50s finish, job done. Whatever finish you chose you’re both sure to love the sound they make.

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Active 50s are brilliant if you can accommodate them. They’re arguably ATC’s most iconic speaker, first appearing nearly 40 years ago and gradually improved since. But the active 40s are also excellent and something of a high end bargain IMO. I once had a chat with some ATC staff at a local dealer’s and they pointed to the 40As as a sweet spot in the range.


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I probably could accommodate the 50’s but unless I get a surprise win on the lottery they would be no go, even if I stretched the budget living in the shed doesn’t appeal, especially with winter approaching :+1:

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