Courier services

I’m hearing a lot of horror stories particularly regarding UPS in the U.K. at the moment.

Anyone have any experiences they’d like to share about the current state of courier services at the moment?

Ah, another opportunity for people to have a go at the drivers who are working long hours for low pay, often on zero hours contracts. Do we really need to go there?


It’s more a question of systemic problems which seem to exist in some of these companies. As always, (in my opinion), the buck stops at the top.

You are also welcome to post positive comments of course.

In my experience, provided you pack very securely, the less time your package is “in the system” the better the chances it will arrive undamaged. To that end UPS next day delivery has been very good whenever I’ve sent anything,

Well said dear boy!

I must be very fortunate as I have not had any major problems with home deliveries.

I did buy an ex demo NDX from a dealer a few years back and had slight reservations but it was in the original box and then bubble wrapped it took longer to unpack it than set it up.

Regarding UPS they deliver my Stoma care products and there service has been superb with excellent delivery communication via Email and Text.

As Richard said I think the key is good packaging and timing of deliveries.

Damage during delivery is nothing new the difference is we have Forums and the like to highlight such problems.

I worked for a small country garage in the early seventies that had an Electrical side they ordered fifty colour televisions and the delivery driver just pushed the boxes off of the lorry bed onto the floor and as you can imagine some were damaged not only that but he could not count as left 51 TVs !!!

They took on the Mitsubishi TV agency the packaging was in a different league entirely damage was reduced to zero.

I’ve had good service from Royal Mail Parcelforce 48 who were happy to carry a pair of boxed Allaes to the ground floor of my block of flats. Strictly, they were only collecting.

Last delivery I had was an NDX. DPD next day delivery. It was fine.

As others has said, pay for the fastest delivery. They try not to lose them.

Also try to arrange shipping early in the week so that there is no weekend involved. This avoids boxes being dumped in a warehouse, moved about, having more boxes thrown on top etc. for a couple of days.

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That’s next level. Must remember that

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I’ve been doing this for a while where I can. Coincidentally with a recent purchase from a dealer I haven’t used before, he did exactly the same, saying that he had too many bad experiences from couriers whose deliveries spanned a weekend.

Not a hifi item but this is what UPS charged me £48 for. This was an electric radiator in perfect condition packaged in a central heating radiator box with tough foam corner protection, bubble wrap all over and extra padding in vulnerable places. The radiator is steel (40kg) and constructed in a very similar manner to hot-water central heating radiators so not feeble, I suspect it’s been dropped from quite a height!

Fortunately the chap in Salisbury who bought was very reasonable about it and obviously I’ve provided a full refund.

I’ve filed a ‘damage’ complaint with them and I’ll what happens. They are going to send somebody out to inspect it and take it away.

DPD take the week’s award for gross stupidity.
now they’re trying to deliver on a Saturday - the office is SHUT…

To be fair, the various local delivery men are ok and the failures are outnumbered by the good. Most recently this was a delivery of RCM water

Worst ever was last century, a 160mm bandsaw, it was bolted to a pallet, very thick corrugated cardboard, a timber frame held in place by steel bands, so on the face of it no marks or damage. Unbox and the steel box section frame was bent a good three inches out of vertical. Phoned the seller, they sent a man in a van, they were adamant it left them in a wooden box.

A lot here is delivered by Aus Post, who before covid were bleeding cash. Apparently now every day in the past 2 years has been like the week before Christmas. Happy days, we generally don’t have any problems. We’re a long way from the rest of the world and are use to waiting.

Maybe they should write it in to the small print on their T&C’s……’Our employees work long hours on low pay so your goods may be damaged in transit and we reserve the right to fling your delivery over your gate if deemed necessary’


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