Covering up the TV screen

For the person that also pretends they don’t use the toilet.

That’s weird, I also have my TV between speakers and a bit to the right.When everyone was out I put blanket over and nah did not hear any difference.Remove blanket,tried other track and cover again and this time nah again.So with my system/room/ears can’t hear any difference and never bothered again.

I didn’t think to try. Having tested my room I know it already has big issues even before i consider the TV, a fact that underpins my general lack of concern for tweaking.

Well f… me!!

Totally awful to look at but I do believe it makes a difference. Will be better without the bloody Lego.

Normally I really don’t care about imagery but it does seem to have filled in a bit of a hole in the middle that I wasn’t aware of.


Make the most of it. You’ll miss the Lego one day.


Luckily my soundstage is two dimensional.
Like my TV screen.

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Ivor Tiefenbrun of Linn always argued strongly against having a TV in the listening room, saying that it induced resonances which reduced sound quality. I think he was right.

Where is the face of your tv and the front baffles of the speakers in relation to each other and the wall behind? It may make quite a difference. As also will the size of TV, and very likely the size and reflective/absorbent/scattering nature of the rest of the room.

TV sits to the side of the left speaker, as we have never been interested in an oversized screen, an Ikea Toftbo bath mat does wonders. Treble is less shouty and imaging better defined.

1st April was 2 months ago

You guys need to read the Emperors Clothes

I’m surprised anyone here would scoff at this idea. I hear folks worried about the littlest stuff here, but a big assed piece of reflective glass smack dab in the middle of the soundstage? This a strange group.


It’s all small things that create these incremental enhancements that add up to big differences!

At the end of the day, a TV, a Window, a mirror, a massive flat wall… they are all reflective surfaces that will and do have a huge impact on sound.
A TV or mirror will resonate so throwing a thick blanket over the top of it is obviously likely to have an effect by creating absorption. Whether it has an audible impact in your room with your acoustics is another matter but it’s certainly not magic or voodoo talk.

I think you miss understood me. I heartily endorse any kind on acoustic treatments that help, especially the cheap and free ones!


Apologies, re reading I believe I did! :+1:t2:

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I believe it was an opportunity for some humor :wink:

The worse thing in my room is a Nathan furniture cabinet, whist moving it recently I noticed the back, which is made of 3 to 4mm plywood drums and resonates like a cheap guitar body.

If it’s all that influential, I’m surprised nobody has mentioned yet the closing of all window curtains, pulling of blinds etc. for daytime listening!


In those days the TV was a huge black plastic square box on wheels - if you were lucky.

You telling me you don’t Timmo!? :roll_eyes::joy:

You were lucky.

We had to make do with a cardboard box with one side cut out. Our father would stick his head inside and read the news to us from his copy of “The Daily Rascist” before beating us to bed with a broken bottle…