Covering up the TV screen

Do you? What do you use?

Need some inspiration here… :thinking:


If I settle down for a serious listening session I ALWAYS cover the TV with a doubled up blanket

It definitely improves the soundstage in my room…it’s weird …(the TV is between the speakers to the right hand side)… with the blanket on the “hole” in the soundstage is filled in


Similar experience as you @anon23139555
I was surprised how much impact my 55” tv actually has. A doubled-blanket makes quite a difference

My friends & family laughing, of course

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Just giving this ago now and I have to agree and somewhat surprised.

Yes, of course I do.

Doesn’t stop it feeling ever so nerdy though :see_no_evil:

I forsee a market for audiofool blankets :crazy_face:


Will give this a go as my speakers straddle the tv, but soundstage is still great.
Over the weekend i added an all in one soundbar and was thinking will that impact the sound.

Are you guys covering just the front or the whole of the tv ?

You could buy a more elegant solution. Do an online search for indoor TV cover or fabric TV cover .

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Could be a cheap upgrade, must give it a go when the misses is out.

Not one shred, not one scrap, not one iota of discernible difference! I have it on good authority however that the listening experience may be enhanced by popping a pair of pencils into one’s nostrils et. etc.!


You should have used the Naim approved one.


Well, yes it will degrade the SQ. What’s the reason for adding it anyway?

Actually for the house we’re designing, I have the TV wallmounted with a pulldown roller blind in front of it. This more for aesthetic reasons than anything else.


Just ordered these. Also has something to put over the rack. Looks lovely.


I use a huge gold plated, isolated and damped, croquet doily, with an upgraded power supply.

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So wrong, on so many levels.

Love it :grin:

You are sick tobyjug, :grinning:

Thick soft fabric, possibly with several layers or quilted lije a duvet would be likely to have most effect - and a wispy see-through negligée negligible (hence its name!)

As I siggested recently in another forum, of you find throwing a blanket, towel, quilt etc ove the screen improves sound (and try all, it would be very easy for anyone with a sewing machine to knock up something with an attractive front face, whether wall- coloured, a pleasant fabric design, or even one printed with a picture of your choice! I can see it would be very easy to make something more attractive than a black rectangular screen!

That looks more like Chord to me .


Two large towels works well for me