Crackly volume knob

Hi - the volume knob on my Supernait 2 has been crackling when I change volume. There is no issue once I stop adjusting it. Any ideas what the problem could be? Thanks.

how old is it mate? might need a service, i had a 282 back in the day with the same issue, turned out to be capacitors

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Try muting it and then turning the volume knob from min to max and back again multiple times. They often fixes things like this.

Does sound like a dirty volume pot. As suggested by HH, try giving the volume knob a few times with it muted. This does not work time for a service.

It may be worth squirting it with some WD40, using the red plastic hose thingy, and turning the knob all the way up and down, while the unit is unplugged - can’t do any harm, surely?

I wouldn’t use WD40, it could cause damage to the fascia. HH’s advice should be tried first.

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That is the worst idea I ever heard! It will just attract more dust and dirt and make it worse.

If the ol’ stop to stop back and forth doesn’t work, it will need to be cleaned properly with the right chemicals.

That’s just not right. It’s oil, and can be wiped off the fascia with a tissue.

Yes, it contains oil but it is likely to stain the fascia. Try it on your own amp and report back.

If the ‘full travel’ exercise doesn’t work it will need to be looked at by Naim or Darran.

Servisol contact cleaner is what you need.

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Or Deoxit.

I have just done so. All is absolutely fine!

I would not recommend squirting anything inside your Naim kit with WD40.

You can try carefully squirting some electrical contact cleaner on the pot (make sure switched off, unplugged etc…), but it’s fairly well sealed so may not penetrate. Otherwise it could mean time for a replacement pot.

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Thanks for the various tips. Will try some suggestions (perhaps not the WD40!) and report back.

It’s only 5 years old so premature for a service.

Out of interest, has this just started doing this ?

I’ve noticed it for a few months. It’s not a major deal as the sound is fine, just crackles when turning the knob.

Does it still crackle if you disconnect the Node 2, which i assume you’re using as the source ?

No. As @Guinnless says.

Contact cleaner, yes - but WD40 is not a contact cleaner… :expressionless:

But… do try turning the pot from 0 to 100 a few times, with power off.

WD40 is a water dispersant, clue is in the name

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Yup, for protecting Atlas missiles …