Crazy update!

Hi guys. I’m trying to update the software on my naim ND5XS streamer.

Following the instructions carefully with all the correct connections I got to the final stage ‘connection check’ where it seems I need to download some USB drivers as there doesn’t seem to be anything in the ‘select serial port to use’ drop-down.

Going back to page one of the instructions the link to the ‘Silabs’ website just seems to take me to the silicon labs homepage… I mean give me a bloody clue eh!?

Anyway I think I found the driver’s CP210X universal windows driver and downloaded the zip file.

Upon extraction it’s all just sitting in a folder in downloads. There doesn’t seem to be anything suggesting ‘install’ or ‘run’ so I’m stuck at this level.
Can anyone tell me what to do next and how to install the drivers!?

Okay … Searching on Google this seems to be a regular problem with numerous pages written on this forum.

Following other advice it still cannot find the USB port at the final install stage.

I’m not stupid but neither am I very computer savvy (that’s why we have an IT helpdesk at work) but this seems unduly complex for something that should be straightforward.

So my problem is installing the driver once unzipped (I copied it all from downloads to C:System) but it seems nothing.

I clicked the update.bat (batch) file in desperation but that did nothing.

Beginning to think this is a ploy to earn cash for naim dealers. Doubtless this will cost silly cash if I walk it through my local dealers front door!

It’s a laptop running Windows 10 64bit.

Thanks buddy…having a go right now :+1::pray::grin:

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This is what gets downloaded. Nothing saying anything about installing.

Checking my device manager the CP2102 USB to UART bridge controller is showing…

But clicking on it says not installed (Code28)???..

Any ideas???

God I’ve been at this for nearly two hours now!!

My cable by the way definitely is a data connection and when plugged in the laptop does go bing!

Oh boy…ran the exe file and got this…


Finally got there. Once the driver installed it was plain sailing. Cheers Gaz

All working fine and playing Tidal :+1:


No idea where you live but my dealer never ever charged me for any update on Naim.

Standard windows procedure… double click the .inf file, or right click and select ‘install’.

It should have been packaged in a .msi file though.

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My (ex) dealer wanted to charge me $150 to swap out an optical drive on a still-under-warranty HDX. This same (ex) dealer also wanted to charge $500 to swap out the CMOS battery on said HDX (yes, I know there’s a little programming to do after this but, come on!!!)

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