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Hi all.
I was given a Naim setup (Credo, Rega Planar 3, NAP 250, NAC 72, HiCap). But being a novice I’ve connected the speakers bypassing the attached crossovers by using the speaker cables that were with the unit. My question is: what crossover technology is being? Should I get different speaker cables?
To my ears the setup sounds pretty nice as is.


Do you have the crossovers? Whatever you do, don’t connect directly to the tweeters without a crossover, otherwise you’ll damage or blow them.

This is exactly what has been done, so I suspect the tweeters are blown. Have a listen to the tweeters - are they working? You must connect the crossover to the two drive units, using the two cables attached, and then plug the cables from the amplifier into the crossover. As they are there, it seems bizarre to even think of not using them.

Oh no! What’s happened here? And that top bass box looks like it’s missing one or more of the PIPs.

Nice looking veneer though…

Are those pips available?

Yes, they’re attached as they should be to the back of the speaker cabinet. I was under the impression that this cable setup was either a Naim product or built by the retailer (Hawthorne Audio) in Seattle. They were made specifically for these speakers and can’t be inserted into the crossover.

If you don’t use the crossovers then the full frequency range is going to both bass units and tweeters, which will blow the latter. The plugs on the speaker leads will go into the crossovers fine, assuming they are 4mm banana plugs.

Having just checked online, it would appear so. Not cheap though…

It’s a shame that someone has messed around with those crossovers because the Credos were very fine sounding speakers, especially when driven ‘active’ also - in fact that’s what I’d do with them.

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Its a shame the OP did not check earlier… :thinking:
Sadly, may have written off a set of Naim Credo’s… :confused:
(or at least the tweeters)

The tweeters are replaceable and worth doing anyway.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, after looking into it that’s what I need to do. I’d like to find a source in the US with the shipping chaos being what it is. The tweeters aren’t that expensive.

Phew… Maybe savable then…? Thats good news…!! :sunglasses:


You can quickly check if they are blown with a voltmeter in ohm position.
About PIP its quite hard to find them (especially in France…), hopefully you can 3D print them easily (or someone to do so). I have done that for my Intro and its works fine.

Thanks for that suggestion of the ohm meter. I’ve already ordered the pip from here in the US so I guess I’m fortunate.

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