It’s a pity the old thread has been closed … but then again it’s sad that there will no (professional?) cricket in Scotland this year. Yet English cricketers begin outdoor training tomorrow.
But how long before England follows Scotland’s example?

A pity the old thread was closed really…

With football in Germany started I don’t think it will be more than 2 months maybe for some cricket to start.

There are discussions about an India Vs Aus series in Sept - Oct 2020 as well.

Something to look forward to…

Thought I’d close it so a new fresh thread could grow once we got back to play. Also I know the English like their county cricket, so like the rest of it I’ll be glad when that actually happens.

Is it always about the English and the Aussies ?

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No, it should be and the old wasn’t or wasn’t meant to be. Cricket is played all over the world.

The more countries that play our glorious summer game the better. I hioe after this crises we can get back to seeing great players in action again.

Am I allowed to mention the Hundreds?

It’s a shame the 100s has to be cancelled as I was looking forward to cheering on our new up and coming batsman: Steve Smith, and bowler: Mitchell Starc. Yes I know it’s not proper cricket, but it was a shame it didn’t happen.

It always used to also be about England and West Indies, and England and India. (Though the England-centric angle was probably because I was in England!) Then Aus got good, and game over!

It’s not my thread, I’m happy to talk any cricket played anywhere I love the game.

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That should make them try harder. Aussies got good by playing good cricket. We’ve had our hard times, we hadn’t won the Ashes in the UK since the early 2000’s. India and Aus are always good hard fought games played by 2 teams that hate getting beaten. Aussie cricket has great respect for the way India play.

Come England get back on your bikes, the colonies look forward to good hard fought games. We need you.

We also need a strong West Indian side.

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Aussies got good - cripes, me thinks they never went bad ( :grinning: ) save for the time in the 1970s when Kerry Packer was revolutionising the game and Kim Hughes captained, at times, what was an Aussie 2nd XI in Tests.

IIRC, other countries (e.g. England & WI) were far more forgiving of their Packerites than the Aussies were. Or rather, the selectors were.

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That’s true, there’s still bad blood over that. As a fan I try to look past I just want to watch cricket but the selectors were unforgiving.

Not a problem Pete … just found something to share on the subject. There are a number of social pages showing neglected cricket fields over here - such a shame. I walked up to my local field yesterday evening, and was pleased to see the outfield mown and the square neatly cut and fenced off from dog walkers / rabbits and badgers.

They’ll be no spitting on the ball, Kookaburra are working on a wax that can be used. Leave it to us, we’ve got experience in tampering with the ball. :rofl::grin::grin:

Duke say their balls won’t need any additional treatment.


Personally I am missing playing club cricket most. We have had a remarkably sunny and dry spring and our ground looks a picture which is even more galling.

I cannot quite get my head around elite sports played with empty stadia. Maybe I will be more enthusiastic once it starts but for now it feels too much like tokenism.

I had tickets for the first 3 days of Eng v Windies test in the summer. Doubt they will get used!

I had no great love for The Hundred concept but if it is TV friendly despite no crowd then maybe it gets cricket up and running, and visible. It also brings some income too although our club just got a £10k grant as part of support for clubs etc in lockdown. We are trying to think of ways to spend it other than a post lockdown p**s up!


Watching anything would be better than nothing. I don’t particularly like 20/20 but I’d watch that if it was on now.

It’s a question of control I guess and maybe that’s why the BCCI is Board of Control of Cricket in India.

I don’t understand why our players can’t ply their trade in other leagues around the globe once their national duties are done or they have taken retirement.

Who stops them?

They have to be permitted in writing by our BCCI…

Middle name…Control :slightly_smiling_face: