Crimson 880s

I had a chance to ( hear) a pair of Crimson 880s
I have the Crimson E4s and my wife as already
said if I get a pair don’t come home. But my gosh
I have never heard such beautiful music. The clarity
Transparency but just plain musically I was so shocked. I kept the importer till 1 am but his wife
was cool mine was beyond annoyed. Anyone looking for a great deal on a mid century wife It’s
a great deal.just don’t mention 880s. But really the
E4s are outstanding and the importer refuses to sell
them at retail. He said he can’t find dealers that truly understand a music system VS a HIFI system
so he’s selling Crimson and Tocaros at 5 % over
dealer cost. If he can actually find a few dealers
that truly understand what real music is the prices
will change. Hey he’s not greedy very rare these
days. Enjoy your day

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