Just received my.Crimson 880

Just received my Crimson 880 was quite surprised
as I ordered it from The UK and was told it would
be a month. I think my friend the recording engineer had something to do with it. I bought a
pair of 640 E4s there newest mono blocks and have to admit they where truly amazing. The timing
was spot on and boy did they have plenty of power.
4 large transformers in 2 mono blocks was just amazing. I put them up for sale and sold them within the hour . Now the 880s I am at a loss for words you can actually tell who the first chair violinist and the second and third. The pace rhythm
and timing where the best I have ever heard and I
am a Maim guy. The voices on a Simon and Garfunkel on my Linn Ecos Lexy moving coil and the new Origin power supply oil and motor and
belt is a huge step up from my Naim power supply
but understand it’s well over 20 years old. Getting back to the Crimson 880 and 710 The voices are
the clearest I have ever heard I am hearing things
I have never heard before and what it is called is the closet thing to real music Speakers Tocaro 42s
Would love to here if anyone has had a chance to
( hear) any of the New Crimson as there really making some amazing music. Will I love my Naim
always but I am growing up and Crimson has
Truly opened my eyes to other products that really
Make real music not Hifi which Naim is the only other company with the same philosophy real music not Hifi
Keep listening

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I’ve had a Crimson combo years back
It was excellent performing, if a little old school.

Tocaro’s aren’t they Rehdeko clones in new cloths ?

Absolutely wrong Tocaro are hand made Red bought his drivers the spiders bare made of laminated rosewood not doped cheesecloth.
The drivers are completely hand made and the
Cabinets are made of wood that’s pressed using
1000s of pounds of pressure. The drivers are faster
More musical and blow away the 115. Wake up
Man another person who thinks he actually knows
something. I have a pair of 42s with the wooden
Tweeter tell me a Red made those. Yet the 175 s are
Still amazing. But the new Tocaros frankly blow the
socks off even the 175 there called the 50s.

I am awakening now, thank you
Actually I was writing in question mode, not saying I knew something specific.

Sorry for coming on heavy Reds speakers when they came out where to say hard as nails until the broke in but they played music. The reason that
Miguel even started Tocaros was Red passed and
his sons said no. So he designed from the ground
up a completely new speaker. Biggest difference
the spider isn’t made of doped cheese cloth his are
made of Laminated rosewood. A spider isn’t just a
spring it supposed to control the driver from twisting. Doped cheese cloth won’t do it. Plus the
driver are hand made lighter faster and if you blow
One up you have to buy 2. There the most musical
speakers if you want real music. The drivers are
actually tighter then a snare drum. If you have a
chance listen to a pair. But please the old Linn
statement garbage in garbage out. Crimson is producing amps that are light years ahead of any
amp made. Even there 640E4s have 4 giant toroidal
Transformers. There fast but have huge amounts of
current. Impedance changes with frequency so watts mean nothing . Speakers see current. I hope
this clears up my abrasiveness. But it’s worth checking them out I have a pair of Tocaros 42
All the zbest

I had a chance to ( hear) a pair of Crimson 880s
I have the Crimson E4s and my wife as already
said if I get a pair don’t come home. But my gosh
I have never heard such beautiful music. The clarity
Transparency but just plain musically I was so shocked. I kept the importer till 1 am but his wife
was cool mine was beyond annoyed. Anyone looking for a great deal on a mid century wife It’s
a great deal.just don’t mention 880s. But really the
E4s are outstanding and the importer refuses to sell
them at retail. He said he can’t find dealers that truly understand a music system VS a HIFI system
so he’s selling Crimson and Tocaros at 5 % over
dealer cost. If he can actually find a few dealers
that truly understand what real music is the prices
will change. Hey he’s not greedy very rare these
days. Enjoy your day

Hey folks,
Well after telling my wife I would sell my backhoe
and actually did it I am getting a set of Crimson
880s. I live in New England and the importer has been extremely kind to let me stop over and here
his system. It’s very simple Crimson 710 a pair of
Crimson 880s with Music Link wire which he has
some. A Linn and a pair of Tocaro 42s and D&M
like power cords. And yes they make a huge difference. Now I will owe my wife for the rest of
my life. But music is my drug of choice. So it’s worth the abuse. Try to think about a speaker with
a crossover with 100 parts. Cant tell me it won’t effect the audio signal. Or a cheesecloth spider
that’s sprayed with dope to act as a spring and control the driver from twisting they can’t. Or a metal tweeter or any dome tweeter Tocaro tweeter
is made of Rosewood. So no crossover no Cheese
Cloth spider wooden tweeter and ultra light ultra
fast woofer that doesn’t have a huge foam surround… sort of makes sense if your looking for
real music not HIFI then hook this up to the most
transparent preamp made and the most musical
and transparent mono blocks that if they sense a voltage swing enough to in a nanosecond shut off
the audio circuitry and dump the cans ti ground you have a system that can actually compete with
my Larivee guitar. I have spent the past 35 years
looking for real music and pretty much everything
I have heard us a sad excuse. Naims the only company that actually has timing and pace. There
are a few single driver speakers that are better then
Any with your standard woofer tweeter crossovers.
But this is it I have finally found real music. And the
Importer let me use his 880s and we got hit with a
power outage which took out a lot of homes electronics. The 880s shut down dumped the cans to ground and everything works perfectly. He also
lent me enough Music Link. Plus he charged me dealer cost. Said he can’t find any dealers that have
a clue. Now I know why. Worth checking out. And
I took the day off and am going to discover my albums again. Enjoy this beautiful but cool day

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